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Ching Feng enterprise won the 2013 annual Top Ten pre-treatment suppliers
发布日期:2014-7-7 15:22:23

Release date: 2014-7-7 15:22:23

share:Http:// 2014-06-10 17:20 source: HC surface network T|T

HC surface network : in the afternoon of June 10, 2014, byHC surface network sponsored by the "2013 year eighth surface treatment industry best brand Festival" held in HC  network  Huicong parkheadquarters base, the brand event has been the industry leaders,industry experts and from all over the country related industry chainupstream and downstream enterprise representatives to support and enthusiastic participation. The ceremony, talent showing itself fromthousands of candidates in more than 40 powerful enterprises, finallytook to the podium to receive awards, which lasted more than six months, as the selection activity ended successfully.

Ching Feng Enterprise Co., Ltd. was awarded the "2013 annual Top Ten pretreatment supplier" designation, this has become thebeginning of the year 2007 the company for seven won the "top tenpretreatment supplier" award.

Ching Feng enterprise was awarded the "2013 annual Top 10 pre-treatment suppliers”