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ChingFeng exhibitors 2013 Guangzhou International Exhibition of Surface Treatment
·¢²¼ÈÕÆÚ£º2013-5-31 13:53:53

HC surface treatment network: Lately, 2013 Guangzhou-International Surface Treatment Exhibition, which was organized by many surface treatment associations such as the Diandu section and coating section of Chinese Surface Engineering Association, etc., was well closed on May 23 in Guangzhou Baoli International Trade Exhibition Hall.  Many surface treatment enterprises got-together in Guangzhou to participate professional activities one after another, communicating in technology, exhibiting new products and discussing industrial development, drawing the future plan for the enterprisers in the surface treatment field.

Chingfeng Precison Co. Ltd. also attended the exhibition, showing the attendances with the advanced no-phosphate and no-heavy metal environmental- friendly pretreatment agent.

About Chingfeng Enterprise:

Chingfeng Enterprise Co. Ltd. is a professional metal surface pretreatment agent manufacturer.  The products can be widely used in automobile, engineering mechanic, bicycle, 3C home electrics and office furniture, etc. Chingfeng Enterprise Co. Ltd. was found in 1989 in Taipei, Taiwan, by the founder and the president Mr. Jiang A-wen, who has participated the research development and technology cooperation in Japanese metal surface treatment agent since 1968, being devoted to the development of metal surface treatment over forty years.  The company, holding the concepts of ¡°professional and quality¡± and ¡°development and service¡±, has been well recognized within the field  

Company¡¯s products has been entering Thailand, Malaysia and mainland China since 1991, a manufacturer at Dongguan, Guangdong was opened in 1996, Chingfeng Degreasing powder factory was set in Humen to further provide services to customers in mainland China; a service office in Shanghai was set in 1999; the manufacturer at Kunshan, Jiangsu was founded in 2001; the enterprise entered the ERP system in 2004; a service office in Shandong was set in 2005, the manufacturer in Tianjin was founded in 2007, Tianjin Chingfeng Yongming Technology & Development Co. Ltd was found; the service office at Changsha, Hunan and the research development center in the Jiangsu manufacturer were founded in 2008; the service office in Wuhan, Hubei was opened in 2009; the service office in Yongkang, Zhejiang was founded in 2011, the service office in Chuzhou, Anhui was set in 2012.

The company has passed the quality system certificate such as ISO9001, TS16949 and QC80000, etc., and has been awarded as the top-ten pretreatment agent supplier in Chinese surface treatment professionals from 2007 to 2011, providing high quality products and services for customers.  Chingfeng company, holding the management philosophy of ¡°quality is the first, service the uppermost, develop with innovation¡± and the quality policy of ¡°pursuing extraordinary quality, providing reliable service, sustaining improved system¡±, contributes its own efforts to the coating industries.